Inside Prince William and Kate Middleton's Relationship


Over the course of my career I have spent many nights in Boujis, once William and Harry's favourite club, attending polo matches and travelling on official royal tours and engagements, getting to know the princes. In my book William and Harry, which I have updated, refined and retitled as The Making of a Royal Romance ahead of the royal wedding, my unrivalled sources told me that Prince William would finally marry his university sweetheart Kate Middleton in 2011. According to the couple's inner circle they were already 'as good as engaged' and had made a secret pact to be together while on holiday in the Seychelles in 2007. William promised Kate she was the one, but he wanted to complete his military training before they got married. Kate put her trust in William and waited. The press may have dubbed her 'Waity Katie' but Catherine Middleton, as she prefers to be known, knew better.

It was on the slopes of Klosters on 1 April 2004 when the world was first introduced to the girl who had captured Prince William's heart at St Andrews University in Scotland. 'Finally . . . Wills Gets A Girl' was the headline in the Sun newspaper. The truth was William and Kate had been dating for months but because of an agreement between the press and the palace to leave William in peace, the romance was known to only their closest friends. Ever since that day we have been intrigued, mystified and captivated in equal measure by William's beautiful and beguiling brunette. I have been chronicling Prince William and Kate Middleton's romance ever since it began when they were students living in a modest top-floor flat in Hope Street in St Andrews. To the public it may seem like a fairytale but this is a story of true love, companionship, compromise and sacrifice. It is in every aspect a modern royal romance which has experienced the same ups and downs as every love affair.

A normal middle-class girl from the home counties who descends from a coal-mining ancestry, it was this sporty yet quiet and unassuming girl who caught William's eye when she shimmied down the catwalk in their second semester at university in a see-through dress and her lingerie. 'Wow,' William whispered to his friend Fergus Boyd. 'Kate's hot!' After one of the longest courtships in royal history William and Kate are to be married on Friday 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey and history will be made. It will be the first time an heir apparent has married a commoner in 350 years.

William, who like his late mother continually pushes at royal boundaries, is determined do things his way from his wedding day and beyond. When the couple announced they were to be married, it was on their own terms. They kept their engagement secret for nearly a month before taking the palace and the rest of the world by surprise on 16 November 2010.

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