Inside Prince William and Kate Middleton's Relationship


So who is this young woman who has been a part of William's life for the past eight years and who waited so patiently for him to finally propose? To truly understand Kate, one must try to understand William. I spent more than a year trying to uncover just that in William and Harry. I discovered a sensitive, thoughtful and sometimes misunderstood young man who more than anything wants to be ordinary. It was something the Princess of Wales, whose legacy lives on today through both her sons, had desperately wanted. I discovered that just like all great love stories, the genesis of William and Kate's romance lies in the character and the upbringing of the individuals involved.

William is a young man who will one day be the King of England. His future has been mapped out since the day he was born and it is exactly because of this that he refuses to be railroaded into anything. As a young boy he was known for being stubborn and sometimes spoilt, and as a teenager he was deeply sensitive and resented the attention he attracted far more than his robust and more extrovert younger brother. Like their father, William and Harry still struggle with the idea that their lives are pre-destined. While they recognise the unique privileges their royal titles bring, they both still crave normality. It is why William loves to ride his motorbike around the streets of London, safe in the knowledge that in his leather and helmet he is anonymous. And it is the reason Harry has admitted he often wishes he wasn't a prince. It is more than a decade since William and Harry walked behind their mother's funeral cortege. The single white envelope bearing the word 'Mummy' written in Harry's hand is still probably the most powerful and moving image of these two extraordinary princes. Today they are young men – they are soldiers – trying to carve meaningful careers and earn the respect of their public. Ultimately it will be William and Harry who re-shape the future of the great British monarchy and they are working hard to shoulder their responsibilities. It is not simply a case of William being the heir and Harry the spare. The bond between them runs far deeper.

Since graduating from Sandhurst Harry has gone to war and fought on the front line for Queen and country in Afghanistan. He is determined to go back and is training to fly the Apache attack helicopter in order to do so. It has meant sacrifices for the young prince and over the years his on/off relationship with Zimbabwean born Chelsy Davy has suffered.

Now a fully qualified search and rescue helicopter pilot, William has finally found a sense of purpose as well as embracing his duty. When he pulled the student Kate in towards him on those snowy slopes to kiss her, neither could have predicted the making of this remarkable royal romance. In this book I trace the true story of how Catherine Middleton met and fell in love with the future King. It was over breakfast in the canteen at St Andrews that the pair became friends before they fell in love. Over the years they have weathered two separations, both instigated by William. But he always came back to Kate.

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