Excerpt: 'Mike and Mike's Rules for Sports and Life'

GREENY: I hate to say it, but I can understand that. The team or league signs a clothing deal, so there's a financial reason behind it. But with baseball, how many people run out and buy a Tigers uniform because they've seen Jim Leyland wearing one? Put him in a suit and sell that.

GOLIC: I wouldn't want to see managers in the dugout in their Sunday best, not with all the spitting that goes on. They should be casually dressed. Or they could wear a lot of the cool, team-related stuff that's not part of the uniform.

GREENY: I've heard nine million reasons why managers wear uniforms. For example, it's because they have to go on the field. Does that mean that it would trip everyone up if Joe Torre makes a pitching change wearing a pair of khakis?

Another reason: Because there were player-managers historically, baseball managers wear uniforms today. Sure, if you're going to play and manage at the same time, go ahead and wear a uniform. I get it. Pete Rose playing and managing? Fine. In a uniform. Lou Piniella? Put on some normal clothes, for heaven's sakes!

Maybe Peter Gammons could shed some light on this. Peter, was there any good reason why the league was so adamant about checking Terry Francona's uniform during an actual game?

PETER GAMMONS: It was a disgrace, Greeny, and someone should be fired over it. Terry Francona has a circulation problem, and he doesn't want to wear the uniform belt because of his illness. If you want to check him, do it before the game.

But the whole thing is silly to start with. If you want to talk about historical precedent—which is very popular these days—then consider Connie Mack. He did okay managing in a suit. But to be interrupting Francona when there's a runner on second base and they think he might steal—that just shows a total lack of understanding for the game.

GREENY: What do you think, Golic?

GOLIC: I think Peter Gammons should be the next commissioner of baseball.

GREENY: He'd make a great commissioner, for sure, but what about me?

GOLIC: You as the next commissioner?

GREENY: If I'm commissioner, Lou Piniella will be sitting in the dugout in a polo shirt, or maybe a nice cashmere sweater for the playoffs. It's just one of the changes I'd make if I was given the privilege of serving as the commissioner of baseball, which I hope to do one day. Seriously.

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic with Andrew Chaikivsky
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