'The Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations,' by Jane Buckingham

There are so many ways to deal with the truly common problem of differing sex drives within a relationship. Usually one would start with an adult discussion that, ideally, concludes with the two parties agreeing to work on it. Does he like to have sex in the morning and you like it at night? Try to compromise with your schedules -- morning sex on weekdays and night sex on weekends, or vice versa. Not every sexual encounter needs to be fullblown -- have a quickie, or try mutual masturbation. Finally, on occasion, the one of you with the stronger drive is just going to have to take care of him- or herself. The key is incorporating these solo trips into a fuller, more flexible sexual relationship.

He wants to videotape or take photos of you.

I'm no prude, but let me say two words of caution: the Internet! Whatever his intent, or yours, just think about how you would feel if somehow your private video or photos got on the Internet and your parents or your future children saw it. I could tell you about countless sticky situations -- the daughter who forgot she took pictures with her boyfriend and gave the camera back to her mom, a teacher who then brought the camera into class. Or the daughter who caught a glimpse of Mom with her new boyfriend on a wild weekend away. Ewwwww. So if you want to star in your own private porno, that's your business. But use your camera and destroy all the evidence that night!

It's Serious

Your new boyfriend won't give you any alone time. (When are you supposed to shave your legs?) Suggest a hot date for a few days in the future, assure him that you can't wait, but make it clear that you can't see him until then. If he protests, give him a kiss and tell him you need a little time to do laundry and make yourself beautiful. (Not to mention poop.)

Your new boyfriend has become entirely too close to your mom.

Well, at least they don't hate each other, right? Most likely they're both invested in the relationship because of you. If she's getting too nurturing (cooking him dinner, doing his laundry), have a talk with her about giving you two some alone time. And tell him that you're a grown-up and, as awesome as she is, you can't see your mommy all the time.

Your parents hate your new boyfriend.

Now, what if the opposite is true and your mom (or dad) thinks your new Mr. Right is just another in a long line of Mr. Wrongs? Calmly explain that what makes you happy is different from what makes them happy, and try to point out your boyfriend's best features (other than those between the sheets). But Father Knows Best wasn't just a show on TV. Take a moment to consider whether your parents might be right. If, in fact, your choice in men leans toward the unemployed, unfriendly, parents'-worst-nightmare type, you have to ask yourself whether you're really in love or just shacking up with Mr. Inappropriate in order to drive your folks a little crazy. If the latter, scrap the chip on your shoulder. Bad men are easy to find; good men aren't. Quit wasting your time, and save your poor parents some heartache.

Your boyfriend and your best friend don't get along.

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