EXCERPT: Bill O'Reilly's 'Pinheads and Patriots'


But this much can be said with absolute certainty about all national leaders: sometimes they are Pinheads and sometimes they are Patriots, as we cited with the examples of JFK and W. But when the stakes are as high as they are right now in America -- with historical debt and a war against crazy Islamic jihadists, some of whom are seeking nuclear weapons -- leadership becomes amazingly important. Let's be blunt: a Pinhead making a national security mistake could very well get thousands of Americans killed. And a continuation of out-of-control spending could shatter the entire economy.

Therefore, I have a responsibility to provide you, the reader, with an honest appraisal of your situation in this age of Obama. I can't embrace ideology, myth, or propaganda. I've got to cut through the fog and define whether socialism, corruption, incompetence, and yes, even evil are in the air.

So determining the roster of Pinheads and Patriots is a complicated business, as you can see, and I do not make these designations lightly. Nobody's perfect, but, in most cases, a pattern of behavior does emerge. And we'll be looking for the pattern together in this book. To get us started, I have two clear examples of how I determine P&P status: say hello to Congressman Barney Frank, and please consider the late Tony Snow.

Barack Hussein Obama -- Who Exactly Is This Guy?

MY COLLEAGUE GLENN BECK thinks that the forty-fourth President of the United States is a subversive, a man bent on changing America into some kind of socialistic nanny state that might, God help us, actually resemble France. Beck passionately believes that Barack Obama is a danger to everything Beck values. So Glenn has moved aggressively to challenge the President by using his daily radio and television programs to illustrate the radical stuff he believes is being promoted by the Obama administration.

Rush Limbaugh and many other conservative radio commentators believe pretty much the same thing: that the President is a force for pernicious change, a committed socialist in a two-thousanddollarsuit.

These guys pound President Obama into pudding just about every day, and millions of Americans are spooning up the dessert.

But I'm not so sure this scorched-earth strategy aimed at the President is good for the country. I favor a more surgical approach.

Yes, Mr. Obama can be a Pinhead, as we will illustrate, but all Presidents, as I stated, can be assigned a place in that category from time to time. Exactly what Barack Obama's big-picture vision is remains to be seen. It is entirely possible he doesn't even have a bigpicture scenario. It seems to me that the President is certainly a committed left-wing guy who thrives on power and attention, but I don't see him as Karl Marx reincarnated.

I could be wrong.

Whenever a journalist like me tries to define a President, the situation gets complicated. Accurate analysis is challenging because outsiders (that's us) can never get all the facts about what goes on in the Oval Office. I mean, I get interesting intelligence information because of my visibility on the Factor, but confirming the validity of it is simply impossible. In other words, I hear and see things, but sometimes context is elusive. Why did Obama do that? How could he have hired this guy? Those are questions that are often asked but rarely answered.

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