Read Excerpt: 'The Other 8 Hours' by Robert Pagliarini

Read Excerpt: The Other 8 Hours by Robert Pagliarini

Robert Pagliarini's new book looks at the importance of the eight hours of the day not spent working or sleeping.

He writes that "Your day doesn't start when you crawl out of bed. Your day -- and even your life -- doesn't really start until 5:00 pm. What you've done with your time after 5:00 pm last week, last month, and last year has determined where you are today. How you use the other 8 hours today, tomorrow, and next year will determine your future -- they are your only hope to radically improve your life. The 8 hours you sleep are lost. The 8 hours you sell for a paycheck are gone. What you have -- really, all you have -- are the other 8 hours. Life not only happens in those other 8 hours, but life is the other 8 hours."

VIDEO: Author Robert Pagliarini explains how maximize your time at work to succeed.
The Importance of 'The Other 8 Hours'

CLICK HERE to see a quiz from the book about how you spend the most meaningful moments of your life.

Read an excerpt of the book below, and then head to the "GMA" Library to find more good reads.

Chapter 1: Life Begins at 5:00 p.m.
The Other 8 Hours Determine Your Happiness and Net Worth

Six years ago, Mark andSarah were on a cruise ship touring the south pacific when a violent tropical storm damaged the ship's hull. Several passengers were knocked overboard and into the dark, churning waters nearly fifty feet below. Mark and Sarah were two of the passengers who plunged into the cold waters that night. They frantically grabbed pieces of debris and hung on tight -- doing whatever they could to keep their head above water.

The next morning, Mark washed up onto a small and uninhabited island. Sarah washed up onto a neighboring island, also uninhabited, About two miles from Mark.

After the initial shock of the situation wore away, fear and anxiety overcame them. They knew that it would not be easy. They would have to work hard to build a shelter, pick fruits, locate fresh water, and fish for food. The first few days were scary and difficult, but they both managed to build makeshift shelters to protect them from the rain and sun. They found freshwater streams deeper into the islands and plenty of fruits and nuts. As the days turned into weeks, they even got good at trapping crabs and spearing fish.

In the late afternoons, Mark had some time to relax after a hard day's work. He'd climb to his favorite bluff and watch the waves crash against rocks. As the sun set and the stars lit up the sky, he'd dream of galaxies far away and pray that he'd be rescued soon. Sarah struggled to survive each day, too. Like Mark, her day began when the sun came up. Chopping wood, climbing trees for fruit, picking nuts and berries, fishing, and getting water kept her busy. At the end of her daily routine, she'd long to relax on the beach, but she knew she wanted more than just to survive. Sarah wanted to get off the island.

Each afternoon, Sarah spent a couple of additional hours gathering and storing wood. She tested nearly every type of vegetation on the island to see which produced the darkest and thickest smoke. She collected rocks of all sizes and used them to spell "h e l p" in gigantic letters on the beach in four areas around the island. Sarah also dug fire pits on the beach in several areas where she kept a large supply of dry wood and special vegetation.

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