EXCERPT: 'How to Rule the World from Your Couch'

I am an introvert. Although I have now, after fifty years of life, trained myself to look comfortable and animated in public, I am my happiest and most productive on my couch, surrounded by my life and loved ones, where, in my own domain of peace, I can direct my intuitive ability to create and direct the changes that I want, as well as attract the things/people/experiences I want without having to go out into the world. I am now thankful to be gifted in skills that allow me to have a full life, replete with friends, love, work, and entertainment, which is all made possible, for the most part, right from my couch. Now I pass down these skills to you.

In my first book, Practical Intuition, I presented practical techniques to help readers develop their intuitive abilities. In my next two books, Practical Intuition for Success and Practical Intuition in Love, I showed readers how to apply these techniques in their professional and romantic lives, while developing a variety of advanced intuitive skills such as telepathy and precognition. In How to Rule the World from Your Couch, I introduce and explain the various levels on which pure intuition can operate and demonstrate how they are always applicable and alive—even when (especially when!) you're just sitting there.

Let me hit you with something else: Have you ever experienced, in a fully visceral, soul-talking-directly-to-you kind of way, a shockingly clear, unbelievably useful piece of intuitive information, a tiny morsel of data that you simply, for the life of you, could not explain away? Have you ever just known something not just because you knew it, but more because you sensed it? Many of my students and clients (from doctors, engineers, and market analysts to businesspeople of all varieties, scientists, lawyers, and beyond) have come to their own sense of intuition just this way— through some unexplainable flash of insight, or perhaps triggered by something I said that worked for them. Regardless of how or under what circumstances it occurs, when tapped into purely, intuition and insight become the breath of life. My clients may have been skeptical, but as pragmatists, they knew they could not ignore what they themselves had experienced firsthand. I believe that intuitively they knew they had tapped into a new way of navigating. This sense made them hungry to know more and perhaps even led them to me. Though they may still be skeptics, guess what: they use these skills regularly anyway.

Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military sage, said, "Every battle is won before it is ever fought"—and this wise and profound message is exactly what this book is about. Engaging in battle is a waste of time. Goals can be achieved and, in fact, are achieved effectively only when you use your intuition to map the way before you start the journey, anticipating and avoiding obstacles, arriving at landmarks in the right order with proper timing, and, when you can, following the scenic route.

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