'A Vineyard Killing' Q and A

This month's selection in Good Morning America's "Read This!" Book Series is A Vineyard Killing, by Phillip Craig.

While Martha's Vineyard usually conjures up serene thoughts of the sea, the sun and summer fun, author Philip R. Craig's A Vineyard Killing reveals a very different aspect of the island.

The book's main character is J.W. Jackson, a retired Boston policeman and part-time private investigator who lives year-round on Martha's Vineyard with his wife and kids. Although the former policeman is happy to have left his crime-fighting life behind in the big city, trouble seems to find him anywhere.

In A Vineyard Killing, J.W. finds himself with a new mystery on his hands during the cold month of March, a few months before the tourists arrive. The mystery is set around the attempted murder of a devious real-estate tycoon who has been trying to force locals, including J.W., to sell their island homes for less than they're worth.

Last month's featured book club on Good Morning America's Read This book club, "The Balancing the Books Book Club" from Westwood, Mass., chose to pass on A Vineyard Killing to this month's featured book club, "Text and the City" book club from New York City.

Join the book club in reading A Vineyard Killing by Philip R. Craig. You can get started with chapter one, (excerpt link below) and send your questions to the author via the mailform below. The questions will be used in an online Q and A with the author later this month.

Please feel free to ask about the author's current work, future plans, past work or even about the writing process.

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