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Question: Do you ever visit any of the Dean Koontz fan Web sites? If so, do you generally like them, find them funny, or have any thoughts about them? Desiree

Answer: I have always found it embarrassing to read about myself or my work, and as much as possible, I avoid that, just as I've done my best to avoid the celebrity aspect of what I do. I've turned down more interview requests that I've accepted, declined three offers over the years to be an on-camera host of a TV show, a la Rod Serling, and rarely read newspaper and magazine pieces about myself. What I love about what I do is the act of writing and the process of revision. I'd rather people talked about the story than about the writer, in part because I think the creative process is magical, if not spiritual, and that I am sometimes more the conduit for the story than the creator of it. I'm flattered that there's so much interest in what I do. At a couple of the occasional book signings I've done, I've met the woman behind, and she seems very smart, personable, and lovely. With people like her carrying the torch for me, I should visit the fan sites . . . but then there would still be the embarrassment of reading about myself.

Question: I enjoy your novels so much; they are always so unique. I am willing to bet that "susurration" is your favorite word and is in every novel you've written; if it isn't there, it isn't an authentic Koontz. Love it! Thank you for a lot of good reading! Patricia, Billings, Mont.

Answer: Thank you, Patricia. As I sit here considering your comment, murmuring susurratively, with the susurrus of the rain at the window, I doubt that this word susurrates through every novel, although probably through most. But then again, I use the words wimple, hyperdactylism, foozle, zarzuela, and dink in every novel, without fail, not because I am obsessive or superstitious, but simply because I know I will die under the spark-spitting steel wheels of a demonic locomotive if, even once, I fail to use all these magic words in a book.

Question: I have always loved suspense and have enjoyed your books immensely. Did you love these kinds of stories as a child? Beverly

Answer: I loved any story that first stirred in me a sense of wonder and that, second, kept me breathless. Suspense, fantasy, spooky stuff, science fiction (when it wasn't saturated with politics, as so much of it seems to be these days, when it was about fabulous new ideas), and adventure stories in far corners of the world.

Question: I am a mother of three teenage boys and work a full-time job. How do you discipline yourself to work on your story a little every day, without making your loved ones feel neglected? I love to write but never seem to get the time.

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