Excerpt: 'Green River Serial Killer'

Ms. Peters guided Judith back to where they were before to resume questioning. But by now the telephone was ringing continuously. Judith pulled away, "I should answer that. It might be my mother calling." Detective Haney suggested they unplug the phone. They had something very, very important to tell Judith.

After the phone was disabled, the detectives told Judith that her husband, Gary Ridgway, had been arrested earlier that day because of some new evidence that linked him to the victims of the Green River Killer. In fact, they were certain now that he was the Green River Killer.

Judith felt her heart slide downward in her chest. She felt weaker. She broke down. Her composure dissolved away like sugar granules in warm water. The idea of her husband actually being the Green River Killer was completely overwhelming. Inside her head, she cried out for Gary. Gary, where have they taken you? I need you to hold me!

Haney and Peters explained that Gary had been a suspect for a long Time -- several years. Specimens of DNA collected from several victims of the Green River Killer matched Gary's DNA. Three cases had already been confirmed as a match.

Judith shook her head side to side, openly crying. No, she didn't know that Gary was a suspect. No, she didn't know he was seeing prostitutes. No, she didn't know anything. Her head motion finally stopped after several minutes, and she fell into still silence. She was unable to move or think.

As the detectives continued on, offering more details about how the task force had been following Gary and monitoring his activities, Judith felt like a giant wall was collapsing down on her, squeezing the air out of her lungs.

Judith heard a voice echoing toward her from the far end of a long tunnel. It was Sue Peters. "Judith, let's get a bag packed for you now. We are going to take you to a hotel and check you in under a different name. The reporters will not know you're there. You are going to stay there for a few days while we search your home."

Judith compliantly followed Ms. Peters' instructions as the support walls of her life cracked, tumbled, and buried her.

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