Excerpt: 'Reagan Diaries'

[Thursday, July 3: briefing for visit with President Fran├žois Mitterrand of France; taped radiocast; joined Nancy's brother and his family to helicopter to Tarrytown, New York, staying at Rockefeller mansion at Pocantico Hills; joined President Mitterrand in New York for unveiling of refurbished Statue of Liberty, commented, "Upon finishing my remarks I pushed the button that lighted up Miss Liberty. It was spectacular"; returned to Pocantico.]

Friday, July 4

Left Pocantico at 8 A.M. Landed Marine 1 on Stern of battleship Iowa. We sailed slowly down the river & bay passing warships of 30 odd countries & several of our own warships who fired 21 gun salutes & of course on all sides were the 40,000 private boats loaded with people. Then we landed on Governors Island for the parade of Tall ships in company of Pres. M. & Madame M. Shortly after noon Nancy & Mrs. M. went to a luncheon at one of the Admiral's home on the island. Pres. M. & I joined Cabinet members of mine & several of his ministers at a working lunch. Pres. M. is going back to a meeting with Gen. Sec. Gorbachev. Our meeting had to do with East-West relations. I tried to give the Pres. all the info I could about our dealings with the Gen. Sec. on arms reductions so that he would know our side if he was subjected to any propaganda. It was a good meeting although Pres. M. can be very unpredictable.

[Dinner at Pocantico; celebrated evening on USS John F. Kennedy. Saturday, July 5: toured Rockefeller mansion; returned to W.H.]

Sunday, July 6

Happy Birthday Nancy! A morning phone call from John P. The V.P. candidate on the Marcos election is holed up in a Manila hotel surrounded by several thousand of his demonstrators. Had himself sworn in as acting Pres. of Philippines per orders of Marcos. Acquino is on Mindano -- 500 miles away. Don't feel civil war will result. Army remains loyal to Acquino. Nothing for us to get involved in.

Quiet day -- then to the Wicks for dinner. Just the 4 of us I think. Still waiting for news on Nakasone & the Japanese election. Dinner turned out to be at the Jockey Club. We slipped out of the W.H. -- no flags or police escort or press. It was nice for a change.

Monday, July 7

A waiter leaked the word about last night & the press is horrified that I went someplace without them knowing. They are now threatening to stake out all the gates to the W.H.

[Desk work; photo session with Antonin Scalia; short staff and NSC meetings.]

Tonite a dinner at John & Ann McLaughlin's with the Charlton Hestons & the Jack Welch's -- he's the new & sensationally successful head of G.E. It was a lot of fun. We did something unusual -- we slipped out of the W.H. -- no we didn't. This time we went in the usual procession.

Tuesday, July 8

[Noted Congress in recess, commented, "It's so nice with Cong. gone"; economic briefing with Baker and Treasury Undersecretary Beryl Sprinkle and staff, report that economy is sluggish, projections have been revised to the downside; interviewed by John Casserly for biography of Barry Goldwater (later published as Goldwater); lunch with Vice President Bush; interviewed by New York Daily News.]

A meeting with Strom Thurmond who feels it's time to have a Sup. Ct. Justice from the South. His name is Wilkins & he's a good man. I think maybe it's time. Strom also thinks Justice Powell is soon going to resign.

[Cocktail hour with W.H. press.]

Back home & lonesome -- Nancy is in N.Y. tonite.

Wednesday, July 9

Another short day -- upstairs by 2:30 to await Nancy's return. A lengthy meeting re the appt. of Bob Brown as Ambas. to S. Africa. I had some doubts. He's Black. My 2 concerns were would S.A. be receptive & would run into the Uncle Tom syndrome among their Blacks & our own Black community. Bob is a remarkable person, extremely well qualified to be a middleman in S. Africa's situation. Now all that remains is for us to quietly probe Pres. Botha's attitude.

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