Excerpt: 'The Skinny: On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry'

They do this over and over again. If you gain, do the following to turn the numbers around.

Keep a food log. One big mistake every day can easily cause weight regain and stoke up your appetite. Many of my patients, during maintenance, ate nearly perfectly all day, but they gained because of one really bad food choice. They reverted to eating bread before dinner instead of after, for example, or they reverted to drinking juice with breakfast. They didn't even realize they had made the change, but they did realize they were hungrier, and didn't know why. They were not eating massive quantities of any one food, but they were eating one fattening food every single day and increasing their overall appetite as a result.

The following foods can be "fattening" because they increase your appetite, making it harder to maintain your weight loss. If you find yourself gaining, write down everything you eat, and look over your records daily and weekly. Look for patterns. What fattening foods have returned to your daily repertoire? Here's a list of common offenders: Bread Sweets Soft drinks Juice Large servings of pasta Large servings of any type of starch, even a whole- grain starch Wine or beer before dinner Starch before dinner Artificial sweeteners Fatty foods

Add more exercise. Find more ways to sneak in more activity. Can you take a short walk before or after meals? Consider straightening up the house in the evenings instead of reading or watching TV. Ride a bike short distances instead of taking your car.

Add more vegetables. Vegetables are the most filling foods on the planet and the best way to reduce your overall calorie intake without feeling as if you are eating less. Look for ways to sneak vegetables into your favorite recipes. Can you add more chopped veggies to your omelet, mushrooms to that burger, or shredded carrots to your meat loaf ?

Get a checkup.You may be developing diabetes or another health condition, which makes controlling your weight more difficult.You also may have started taking a medicine that is increasing your appetite or slowing your metabolism.

You may slip up, regain, and then recommit and lose many times before your weight stays within an even fluctuation. Rather than seeing each small gain as a personal failure, think of small gains as success builders. The more often you get yourself back on track, the stronger you will become.The longer you maintain, the better you will become at maintaining your weight. Research shows that the longer people keep off lost weight, the easier it is for them to maintain. All of their new eating and exercise habits become part of their lives. These habits become so automatic that they rarely think about their food choices.

They eat Skinny for life.

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