Mega-Churches Offer Prayer, Play, Shopping

Prestonwood Looks to Get Even Bigger

But the Ellis family says community service is a huge part of what they do here. They agree the size of the place can be overwhelming at first, but for their family, they say, it works.

Beth Ellis says Prestonwood is just keeping up with the fast pace of American life.

"You know, the culture is giving our kids a lot of fast-paced media and all different things that are moving along," she said. "Why can't the church keep up and do the same thing for our kids and for us?"

Johnson Ellis says Prestonwood has been good for family stability.

"Beth and I have been married for about 19 years here in a couple of months," he said. "Really the church is part of the glue, I think, that holds our family together."

There are other practical concerns surrounding mega-churches, such as traffic and the fear that they are putting smaller churches "out of business."

Graham argues that getting more people interested in religious services can only be good for all churches. And Prestonwood is hoping to do just that and looking for ways to expand its 24,000-member base.

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