The Holidays' Hottest Gadgets


With all the gadgets on the market this season, it takes an expert to decode what's hot and what's not. Becky Worley, "Good Morning America's" technology contributor, recently revealed the best gadget gifts for grown-ups and kids.

Sharp AQUOS LCD Hi-Definition TV: $2,000 -- $2,500

The Sharp AQUOS is the hottest big-ticket item this year. It's one of the best rated LCD high-definition televisions. With a screen size of 37 inches, the TV can be seen from almost anywhere in the room. Color on the screen is vivid under any lighting, even if the TV is near a window. It features a sleek titanium cabinet and has detachable speakers. It also comes with a table stand that removes easily for wall mounting.

Girl Tech Digi Makeover: $59

The Girl Tech Digi Makeover is a digital camera that lets children take a picture and give themselves a makeover via the TV set. Using an attached pen and touch pad, girls can add makeup, hairstyles and accessories to their picture. They can also create makeover themes with friends. The Digi Makeover plugs directly into a TV or VCR with AV input jacks and requires four AA batteries. It's designed for ages 6 and up.

Kid Touch Kid's Digital Camera: $69

This preschool appropriate digital camera can handle just about any accident. It has two eye viewing holes that make it easy for kids to look through the viewfinder. Dual hand grips and big buttons make it comfortable to hold and use. A color preview screen allows kids to see what they're shooting before they take a picture, and the built-in memory card stores more than 60 photographs. Kids ages 3 and up will have a blast snapping away with this camera.

Fuji Finepix Digital Camera: $216

For adults, the Fuji Finepix camera is one of the best on the market. It performs well in low lighting and features a new "intelligent flash" system. Its 2.5-inch LCD screen is coated with Fuji's special CV film, which minimizes glare and reflection for enhanced viewing. The camera's 500-shot battery life is good for people who don't have time to wait for batteries to charge. It also uses a 10MB memory card with large storage capacity. Right now, the Fuji Finepix is available at for $216, after a $50 rebate from

BlackBerry Pearl Phone: $199

The BlackBerry Pearl has features far beyond the traditional cell phone. It allows users to send and receive e-mail as whey would on a computer. A sure-type keypad ensures quick typing without the limitations of traditional phone keypads. Its Internet interface allows for streamlined Web surfing. A built in digital camera with zoom can snap pictures and send them to anyone via e-mail or picture messaging. Its navigation system can map out directions to a friend's house or the nearest Italian restaurant. Right now, T-Mobile is offering the phone for $199.

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