Get Fit: Workout Products to Improve Your Body, Health

Get Fit: Workout Products to Improve Your Body, HealthPlayABC News
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Do you workout? Are you getting the results you want?

Maintaining a physical fitness regimen isn't easy. The demands of work and family life are a challenge, and expensive gym memberships may seem like a luxury in these hard times.

Have you considered working out at home?

The Wall Street Journal's Wendy Bounds appeared on "Good Morning America" this morning to talk about some new fitness equipment that can make a workout at home more fun and effective.

Here is Bounds' product review:

Product: Valslide

Cost: $29.99 @

What it is: Two green-and-black foot "slides" activate lesser-used muscles in hips, legs, buttocks and abs for sculpting and cardio workout. Used by actors Jennifer Garner ("Alias") and Rachel Nichols. ("G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra")

Pros/Cons: Can fit in handbag or suitcase. Low-impact. To be used on carpet or with $5 pair of booties on hardwood and tile floors. Some balance required.

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Product: Perfect Sit-Up (Also, there's the "Perfect Pull-up" and "Perfect Push-Up")

Cost: $99 @

What it is: A mat connected to feet straps and headrest; designed to improve sit-up form and work all ab muscles. There is an audible "click" when the exercise is performed correctly.

Pros/Cons: Helps keep your back flat and supports the neck to avoid injury. Can be hung in closet. Performs limited exercise.

Product: TRX Suspension Trainer

Cost: $189.95 @

What it is: "Suspension training" via two heavy-duty nylon straps that attach to door or other secure post. The user grasps the handles or places their feet in cradles to leverage body weight during exercises such as squats, hamstring curls and chest press. Modifying your stance will alter the intensity. Used by Drew Brees, quarterback for New Orleans Saints, 2010 Super Bowl champions.

Pros/Cons: Total body workout for under $200. Comes with a training DVD. Workout area of 8 feet by 6 feet needed for full range of motion. Door anchor may chip paint or stress less sturdy frames.

Product: Kettlebells -- new contoured models and "travel" models.

Cost: Two kettlebells w/ DVD, $59.99-$169.99 @; plastic travel "U-Fill-It" model, $59.95 at

What it is: Hand weight resembling a cannonball with a handle. Often made of cast iron; some models can be filled with water or sand to vary load. New contoured model due out this fall from GoFit reduces strain on joints. Can execute swinging moves not easily performed with dumbbells.

Pros/Cons: Design flexibility permits fat-burning/metabolic exercise as well as body-building. Stress injuries and bruising possible with certain flipping exercises.

Product: Elliptigo

Cost: $2199 @

What it is: Combo elliptical trainer and bike used outdoors to simulate running with less impact. Rider remains in upright position while riding. Eight gears; sold in blue, green and black.

Pros/Cons: Can trigger cardio "high" without same joint wear-and-tear. "Seat-less" feature a plus for cyclists w/ back, neck or prostate issues. Fits in most SUVs and station wagons. May require modification to fit riders not 5 feet tall to 6 feet and 6 inches. At 40 pounds, it is heavier than many bikes.

Web-Extra Products:

Product: Yoga Block

Cost: $12.90 @

What it is: Lightweight block to assist with yoga poses. Help approve alignment and make poses more comfortable.

Pros/Cons: Inexpensive. Requires some instruction on how to properly use block.

Product: Resistance Bands

Cost: $39.99 for set of four @

What it is: Stretchy bands are a compact alternative to dumbbells. Come color-coded with different strength/resistance intensity.

Pros/Cons: Lightweight; good for travel. Requires adjustment of length to perform certain exercises. Some have ergonomic handles.

Product: P90X Extreme Home Fitness System

Cost: $119.95 @

What it is: 90-day fitness and nutrition plan with structured workout, meal and supplement regimen using yoga blocks, resistance bands, chin-up bar. Used by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Encourages "muscle confusion" to avoid fitness plateau. Hard core; not for the weak. Comes with three-phase eating plan and 12 DVD training routines.

Pros/Cons: "People get their money's worth," says Adam Campbell, fitness director, Men's Health magazine. Daily commitment required w/ hour-plus workouts.

Product: SelectTech Dumbbell

Cost: $399 to $599 per pair @

What it is: Adjustable weight dumbbell. User sets dial to needed weight and unit picks up appropriate poundage.

Pros/Cons: Space-saving; can replace up to 17 sets of weights. Adjusts from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds or 10 pounds to 90 pounds, depending on model. Expensive compared with some traditional weight sets.

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