Excerpt: 'How the Rich Get Thin'

Jackie is one of my favorite success stories, and her story was actually published in Modern Bride because it was so inspiring to other women. Exactly one year before she was due to wed her high school sweetheart, Jackie resolved to lose 25 pounds. At five foot six, the bride-to-be was concerned about the weight she had put on in her twenties, a decade she spent drinking and partying. She needed a jumpstart to get her going. When I first inquired about her eating habits, Jackie told me that she only had coffee in the morning. As I probed the nature of this beverage, I learned that she was starting her day with a Starbucks Caffè Mocha Grande with whipped cream. We looked this up and she was astounded to find that the calorie content was a whopping 660 calories! Jackie switched to Skim Cappuccino Grande. As she waited in line at the local Starbucks, she warned her fellow caffeine lovers about the calorie content of her former favorite "coffee" beverage. I put Jackie on a regimen of running, weight training, and a healthier diet. She restructured her eating habits by reading nutritional labels; eating half portions when dining out; and substituting fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains for sweets and fast foods. She cut down on her alcohol intake by switching to occasional low-calorie wine spritzers. As a result, the newly trim bride had her wedding dress taken in from a size 10 to a 6, and marched down the aisle like a diva!

Here is another typical patient of mine -- John, a fifty-six-year-old attorney who heads a law firm representing the music industry. His demanding schedule calls for almost weekly trips to the West Coast. His long workdays and extensive travel resulted in his becoming 75 pounds overweight -- and exhausted. When he finally saw his internist, John was diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes mellitus. John's lifestyle had made him wealthy in a material sense but had bankrupted his health! Luckily, his internist referred John to me. John, a highly motivated individual, was resolved to change his life for the better. He readily implemented the diet and exercise recommendations that I made. Travel was a particular concern. Although John always flew first class, he realized that the food served by the airline was not what he should eat while trying to lose weight. He followed my suggestion and took an 8-ounce container of plain low-fat yogurt, cut-up vegetables, and low-fat string cheese with him on flights. He drank only water while on board the plane. While in Los Angeles, he always stayed at the Peninsula in Beverly Hills. He asked his hotel to pack a lunch of smoked salmon and vegetables for the return flight. John made a point of walking two miles daily on his home treadmill and on business trips. As his weight came down, John was able to jog comfortably.

Over time, as his cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes resolved, I was able to reduce and subsequently discontinue all of John's medications. He made his health a priority and did not come up with excuses to avoid living a health-promoting lifestyle. He simply followed the Klauer Plan one day at a time. While continuing to manage the responsibilities and pressures of a demanding career, he chose to also reverse the illness within his body. He changed his life. He was still under the same time pressure but now made time for his health.

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