'Miracle Workers' Change Lives


Cohn said that, although this kind of surgery is not his area of expertise, he tries to act as a patient advocate and assist other physicians during the operation. He said the point of the show was to restore hope to the hopeless.

"The point is that patients should remain optimistic and keep their hope alive," he said. "Medicine is changing all the time."

Cohn and Burke said that they had technology at their disposal that was unheard of just a decade or two ago. The show helps people stay informed about the newest medical breakthroughs that can help people who were once thought to be incurable.

"Unrealistic expectations is what drives research," Burke said. "We hope they get the message, keep fighting."

The show, Burke said, is an extension of why he became a doctor in the first place.

"I went into medicine to change people's lives, and this show is part of that, I think," he said. "There's a cool quote from Mother Teresa about how we may not be able to do one great thing, but we can do a million little things with love, and that's what doctors do every day."

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