Book Excerpt: 'Coming Home to Myself'

We were forced to be together so much as children that I longed to get away. Now I long to have my sister to myself like I did back then. Besides my husband and children, my love for Ashley is the deepest I've ever experienced. I have this tender, sweet place in my heart that is reserved for her. I have so much respect for her in what she went through, and how she survived it. She thrived and flourished in spite of all she had to endure. Mom raised two high-spirited daughters under tough circumstances.

I wrote a song for Ashley, called "You Are." It's not just about her physical beauty, but the freedom and beauty of her spirit. Someday I hope to write the song for her, a song that celebrates how I feel about the two of us growing up together. I don't care how rich and famous she becomes – she'll always be my baby sister. I'm amazed that people still ask me if there was competition between us. It's all I can do not to choke them. I am very protective of our relationship. My music success is sometimes bittersweet. I've been blessed with a life full of excitement. I've traveled the world. But I also know that success is what took me away from the sister that I love so dearly.

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