Diet Success: How Did These People Lose Hundreds of Pounds?

Diet: The Atkins Diet. The regimen restricts refined carbohydrates, according to The diet recommends eating a balance of saturated fats and proteins, including red meat. Because carbohydrates are so limited, the body goes into a state of ketosis - meaning it burns it own fat for fuel. When the body is in ketosis, you tend to feel less hungry and so you're unlikely to eat as much as you normally would. Eidson started the diet in March 2007.

Marty Moorehead

Marty Moorehead

Moorehead is a cabinet salesman from Gilbert, Ariz. Since he lost weight, some people no longer recognize him. One customer who hadn't seen him in more than a year came into his office and asked him if 'Marty' still worked there, Moorehead said.

Moorehead, who weighed 363 pounds, had been going to doctors for a number of weight-related ailments, from bad knees to ankles and high blood pressure. On some of the visits, he couldn't fit on the X-ray tables. Now, he and his wife walk 3 miles per day, three days a week. He also swims, does sit-ups and uses an elliptical machine. He used to wear a belt that was more than 5 feet long, a belt he still has to remind him how far he has come.

Age: 55

Current Weight: 200 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 163 pounds

Diet: Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet. According to, the diet replaces meals with cookies that contain select amino acids -- thought to suppress hunger -- as well as fiber and other ingredients that digest slowly to help keep you feeling full. Moorehead started the diet in January 2009.

Ken Shooltz

Ken Shooltz

Shooltz, a 56-year-old father and grandfather from Jennings, Fla., is a changed man. In 2001, doctors put stents into his heart, but that didn't help him to lose weight. He was 315 pounds when he started his diet. After he lost the weight, his blood sugar and cholesterol levels have dropped. He works out every other day, and has gone from a size 50 waist to a size 34.

His wife, Christa, also is following his diet, and she has lost significant weight. She went from wearing size 12 clothing to a size 4. Shooltz retired from the U.S. Army in 1992 and now works for the Florida Department of Transportation.

Age: 56

Current Weight: 195 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 120 pounds

Diet: Nutrisystem. The plan uses low-glycemic "good carbs," low fat, healthy protein and high-fiber, ready-cooked meals, according to Nutrisystem says its meals digest slowly and help you feel more satisfied. Shooltz lost the weight in 2008, and has kept it off.

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