Jamie Oliver: Blog Exposing School Lunches Is 'Brilliant'

From the Files of Mrs. Q: Teacher Eats School Lunch, Blogs Results

Chef Jamie Oliver says the anonymous teacher and mom blogging about the poor quality of school lunches is just one of the "angels around America" working to improve children's nutrition and health.

"I think it's brilliant that she's expressing herself," Oliver said of "Mrs. Q," whose blog "Fed Up With School Lunch" has gained national attention. "People are intervening; they are offended."

Oliver's new show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" takes on the school cafeteria menu in what's been called the country's unhealthiest town.

VIDEO: One teacher went undercover to determine the quality of school lunches.
Teacher Blogs About School Lunch

"Moms and dads work really hard," he said on "Good Morning America" today. "When our kids go to school, we want it to be good."

When "Mrs. Q" forgot her lunch a few times and was forced to eat what her students eat, she says it was far from good.

"I just remember thinking this is terrible, I can't believe this," she told ABCNews.com. "A lot of the other teachers ignore it."

She vowed to eat school lunches for a year and blog the results in hopes of inspiring change at her school and others around the country.

"Let's feed all kids well," she said. "Who can argue with that?"

Her blog has been catching fire in recent weeks as she chokes down the bad stuff -- lasagna and bitter-tasting mystery veggies -- and surprises herself by enjoying meals like chili and mac and cheese.

Her number of followers has exploded from a few hundred to tens of thousands and while she's quick to point out that she's not a nutritionist, she says she knows bad food when she eats it.

One of the worst lunches she's seen was an overly processed peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"I could barely eat it," she told "Good Morning America." "I was ill, I was sort of out of commission, I was basically lying on the ground."

When asked how her school's lunches compare with airline food, she said "it depends on the meal. But, I mean, sometimes airplane food can be way better than the school lunch."

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Mrs. Q: Blogging Her Way Through the School Cafeteria

Jamie Oliver hopes that parents and school districts will band together to change what children eat both in school and at home.

"I think now is a time of change," he said. "School food is a part of what needs to happen."

He pointed out that the cafeteria cooks do the best they can with limited resources, and that often when parents pack lunches they don't do much better.

"The stuff I've seen in lunch boxes is hideous," he said.

Though "Mrs. Q" is hardly the first to complain about meals from a school cafeteria, her blog has been catching the eye of student health advocates as well as detractors, one of whom called her a "vegetarian hippie."

"They're attacking my character or they're saying this country's going down the tubes and we should be grateful for what we've got," she said.

But most shower her with praise for volunteering to eat the only options many of her students have. She says that 70 percent of her school's students -- like 31 million children in America -- participate in the free lunch program. For many it represents half their daily calories.

Mrs. Q called some of the menu items "deceptive," one labeled meatloaf that was actually a dull-brown meat patty.

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