Excerpt: 'Quantum Wellness'

Now imagine that you are in a rowboat, and everything you do is one push of the paddle. Is it a strong stroke, moving you forward? Or is it sideways or chaotic, leaving you vulnerable to the current? Think of this wellness journey as that rowboat. Once you get the hang of rowing with the current and not against it, in harmony with who you truly are at your highest potential, every move you make will move you forward with greater efficiency. Just follow the rhythm of the current, add to it some of your own muscle, and you'll soon be amazed at how your momentum increases and you start meeting and surpassing your goals.

As you awaken to this power to affect your life, pay close attention to your feelings and observations. Ask yourself: Where am I now and where do I want to be? Just be aware. The more you become aware of the effects of each choice you make, the more you will be able to choose differently and better for yourself. As you live more creatively, you'll be amazed at how these small moments come together and inform your big breakthroughs.

Body, mind, and spirit all work together to create wellness, and we simply cannot experience the upsurge, the full thrust required for a quantum shift when any of these three areas goes unheeded. We can go to the gym every day and eat the right foods, but if our souls are sick, we won't be well. We can meditate till the cows come home and yet not feel quite right in our bodies if we are still smoking or eating sugar or feeling belittled at work. But don't worry: being imperfect is all part of the process. We don't have to be masterful. We need not get everything just right. We just need to push ourselves a little bit here and there to get the momentum going, and from that, strength and confidence will settle into the parts of us that lag behind. And then the magic happens: momentous changes occur seemingly on their own. Look at it this way: all the bits and pieces of our lives fit and flow together like an ever-shifting matrix of influences. We are in constant formation, and there comes a moment—unchosen and unforeseeable by us—when everything just clicks, and a leap occurs. An organism or species evolves through multiple and simultaneous changes. Our musculature—both intellectual and biological— must be worked on even as our spiritual sights are raised. And everything goes into the creative—or evolutionary—soup. We throw in a bit of this, stir in a bit of that—until we find we've created something new for ourselves.

The game is about learning how to evolve more and more efficiently, building on each tiny transcendent moment until we reach a tipping point. And then the breakthrough happens. Once you begin to pay attention to the interplay of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and then set an intention to change, change will come. Incrementally and, ultimately, with breathtaking clarity. I guarantee it.

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