Helpful Items During Breast Cancer Treatment

Robin Roberts, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, has received well wishes and many gifts from viewers across the country.

Today on "Good Morning America," Roberts talked about a few of those gifts that have provided her with comfort and inspiration.

Kids from Rio Contiguo High School in Santa Ana, Calif., sent hand-crafted stained glass angels from The angels are not sold. They are given away by the group to provide encouragement to people in difficult circumstances.

The Chemo Comfort Kit, made by Anne Marie Paolucci. Paolucci, a breast cancer survivor, created a "starter kit" filled with products that helped her through chemotherapy, including oral hygiene products, teas and ginger for nausea, warm socks, a sleep cap and more. The kits are available at

Liv'n Out Loud Clothing Company makes T-shirts with inspirational messages. One of the co-founders nearly died during routine surgery, and that near-death experience inspired her and her partner to leave their corporate jobs and start this company.