Summer Reading: The Best Books for Your Kids

PHOTO Ann Pleshette-Murphy shares her picks for the best summer books for children.

Summer is here. So if your kids have some time on their hands, "Good Morning America" has a list of fun books to get teens and younger kids excited about reading. With these picks, your kids are sure to want to put their kicks up and enjoy.

These selections are divided into four categories -- dystopian/post-apocalyptic, magic and the supernatural, words and pictures, and kids on the job. And all are perfect for tweens and teens as they enjoy their summer vacations.

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Summer Book Ideas for Kids


There are several really popular series in this category, which is hot with teens in part because there's a video game quality to the settings and the action scenes, but the world they inhabit -- no matter how futuristic -- is still filled with familiar teen angst and drama.

Kids' Summer Books

'Mocking Jay,' by Suzanne Collins

This is the final book in the "Hunger Games" trilogy and it is going to be THE hot title this summer -- the first two volumes sold more than 2 million copies. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Aug. 24 to find out what happens to Katniss Everdeen, including the resolution of her love triangle.

Kids' Summer Books

'This World We Live In,' by Susan Beth Pfeffer

"This World We Live In" by Susan Beth Pfeffer is another engrossing, post-apocalyptic novel for teens -- this one (also the third in a series) takes place one year after a meteor has collided with the moon, dramatically altering Earth's climate. Think "The Road" in terms of intense portrayals of a family struggling to survive in a very hostile landscape -- but there's also a little romance and plenty of inspiring examples of self-sacrifice, bravery and love.

Kids' Summer Books

'The Gardener,' by S.A. Bodeen

Next up is "The Gardener," perfect choice for teens with a taste for sci-fi mysteries. Main character is a 15-year-old boy named Mason, who stumbles into a discovery that involves his single mom, his mysteriously absent dad, a strange beautiful girl named Laila, and most importantly, the ominous TroDyn Industries, a research facility in his tiny hometown.

Magic and the Supernatural

Our next category -- Magic and Supernatural, featuring vampires, angels, pixies -- is still huge.

Kids' Summer Books

'Sisters Red,' by Jackson Pearce

For teens addicted to vampire novels, "Sisters Red" features another sort of fanged predator -- werewolves. The book is cleverly based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood: The main character, Scarlett, who is scarred from a childhood battle with the werewolf who killed her grannie, wears a red cloak to attract Fenris, who look like hot guys on the outside, but become terrifying beasts when their lust for blood takes over. She's the vigilante, but her sister Rose is softer, gentler and in love with the boy next door. There is plenty of werewolf fighting and flesh-ripping to keep boys entertained and a romance for girls.

Kids' Summer Books

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