Learn How to Flatten Your Belly

For countless reasons that I will outline throughout this book, the belly starts letting us down around age 40. Sometime between our 35th and 55th birthdays (some earlier, some later and some, God willing, never) the belly pooches, puffs, and starts spilling over our waistbands. First we suck it in, yet it refuses to achieve its formerly flat shape. Then we crunch until our necks scream, while the fat over the sculpted abs muscles remains. And eventually we diet, then watch with frustration as the weight disappears from our breasts and our faces and the belly fat stays put. Eventually, belly fat starts to feel like our destiny—something that even hours on the treadmill or the strictest diet in the world won't budge. . . .

Until now.

Here's another great thing about heading up a brand like Prevention. I have deep relationships with the best experts in every area of health, fitness, and nutrition, and it's my job to look for solutions to the health challenges that my readers struggle with most. (Bonus—that help me too!) And that's exactly what I've done.

My quest to find the absolute best way to blast belly fat started when I hired Prevention's new nutrition director, Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD. Her first challenge was to comb the latest research, combine it with her vast clinical experience, and develop a diet that would target abdominal fat specifically. I made a good decision—Cynthia is not only a phenomenal magazine editor, but she is also a registered dietitian with two graduate degrees and 15 years of experience, including countless hours of working with women over 40. And here's the best part: She is passionate about food! I knew that any diet I asked her to construct would be satisfying and delicious, that it would be a way of eating that women could embrace for a lifetime. And boy, was I right.

She has developed a belly-reduction eating plan that is grounded in the latest and most credible science (that you won't find anywhere else!)—and offers the most filling, satisfying, and delicious way of eating that you will ever come across.

But my vision for this Flat Belly Diet went beyond food. I know that any successful diet acknowledges that we eat for emotional reasons as well as physical ones. Not only does the Flat Belly Diet deliver a healthy, satisfying way of eating—one that will rid your body of fat in the place you told us you want to slim down most—but it will teach you how to want to eat this way forever. The mental tricks, tips, and strategies are culled from the latest research and are designed to inspire you, motivate you, and set you up for a better relationship with food for the rest of your life!

Belly Fat Defined

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