Getting Your Boss to Pay for Gas

Suggest that the your department or the company give away gas cards as raffle prizes in meetings or as spot rewards for monthly attendance or a job well done. An investment of as little as $15 or $25 for a gas card can go a long way toward making a staff meeting fun and showing employees that you care. Don't bring doughnuts -- bring gas cards!

Biking to work is growing in popularity. Employees are asking companies to install bike racks, provide free bike rentals or assist with stipends to purchase bikes used for commuting.

Research competitors and talk to management.

If you're looking for bigger subsidies or special accommodations, such as long-term telecommuting, bigger stipends toward gas or public transportation, or guaranteed emergency rides home if you've carpooled but need to leave early or work late, then it's likely you'll have to convince senior management -- not just your direct supervisor.

You can say, "I know that our company prides itself on being a leader that treats its employees fairly. To that end, I wanted to show you what some of our competitors are now doing to assist their workers with rising commuting costs."

Present a brief written proposal -- one page is plenty -- that offers examples of benefits being offered by a few employers in your area or your industry. Include media stories on the same topic. That often catches the boss's attention!

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