Keeping Your Pet's Pearly Whites Clean

After your pet has had his dental problems addressed -- or before he has them, ideally -- your veterinarian may recommend other preventive measures. The key is daily oral care. The best is brushing, and while daily brushing is recommended, even weekly brushing provides major benefits. If you're unwilling or unable to brush your pet's teeth (know the vast majority of pet owners don't brush their pet's teeth) or need to take additional preventative measure you may utilize one or more of the following: Special foods with dental benefits such as Hill's Prescription Diet t/d that are meant to scrub teeth as a pet eats, dental treats such as Greenies which act like edible tooth brushes (are even in a toothbrush shape), dental wipes such as Dentacetic, oral gels such as Oravet to help prevent tartar formation and therapeutic chew toys such as Bristle Bone to keep pets happy while cleaning the teeth.

When choosing toys, avoid those that are rock-hard, as these may break teeth. The guideline: if you wouldn't want a pet's toy to hit in the kneecap, it's too hard to give your pet.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, which was started to educate about the importance of dental health and build awareness of its importance. Many veterinary hospitals and clinics offer discounts on dental care during February as an added incentive. Talk to your veterinarian!

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