Could '08 Be Battle of Obama vs. Clinton?

As for his lack of experience, Obama argues that Defense Secretary "Donald Rumsfeld has one of the best resumes in Washington, and yet I would also argue that one of the consequences of bad judgment on his part is some of the problems that we've seen in Iraq."

As with other one-named mega-celebs such as Madonna, Di, and Britney, it's hard to imagine any aspect of "Hillary" hasn't been covered.

Obama is quite the opposite. Voters know little about ethics questions surrounding a recent land deal or his teenage use of cocaine.

"When I was in high school, you know, I did a lot of stupid things," Obama told ABC News. "One of the things I'm pretty confident about is that when people know me they concluded not that I'm perfect, but that I am in this thing for them."

Obama doesn't yet have the money, staffing and infrastructure that Clinton has. Should he decide to run, it would be something of an insurgent's campaign.

"Hillary Clinton's great strength is that she has been the focus of attention," Roberts said. "She knows how to take the heat. She knows what it's like to be in the middle of a presidential campaign."

But Obama supporters point out that his mere existence brings out Clinton's greatest vulnerability as a public figure -- likeability.

His staffers jokingly say, "Don't tell mama I'm for Obama."

"Mama," of course, is Clinton.

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