Ultimate Gingerbread House: Winners of 2010 Competition

"Santa's Pre-Flight Pampering" by Suzanne Kanaly
Top Ten Adult

Santa treats his hardworking reindeer to some well-deserved pampering before the big flight on Christmas Eve. Hoof shines, nose buffing, mini mud baths and mineral baths are just what the reindeer need for the long night ahead. This piece took approximately 150 hours to construct, and is made primarily of gingerbread, fondant, and gumpaste. Kanaly used a honey-based gingerbread recipe instead of molasses because she lives in a humid area. She also used seeds and lentils for the stairs and risers, and vitamin C capsules for the light bulbs on the front entrance lights.

"Santa's Globe Theater" by Cathy Christiansen
Adult Top Ten

Santa's Globe Theater is based on the Globe Theatre in London. A scale of "1 inch equals 3 feet" is used throughout the piece. The building is gingerbread, and the thatch roof is made of various types of pasta tied in bundles with sweet potato stems. The floors are supported by the beams, which are made of whole wheat fettuccini glued together with edible glue. In addition, the large posts and beams are made of gingerbread, with the columns on the stage made with spaghetti, shaped into a column, and covered with mixed fondant. The black flag on top indicates that a tragedy is playing. Oranges and hazelnuts are being sold by the street vendor.

"UP" by Skyla Delerme
Teen First Place This creation is based on the movie "UP." The house is constructed of 32 pieces of gingerbread covered with icing. The characters were hand-molded from fondant and gumpaste. Skyla spent about 6 hours on each character and about 150 hours in all, beginning work in September. The balloons coming from the chimney are spaghetti noodles topped with jelly beans. Skyla is 16 years old, and has been entering The National Gingerbread Competition since she was five years old.

Here are a few more beautiful gingerbread homes that were also involved in the competition.

"Victorian Mansion" by Rita and Monte Adams
The Victorian mansion is primarily constructed of gingerbread and fondant but also contains dry pasta, rice paper, ice cream cones, coffee, ground graham crackers, dried herbs and edible gold, silver and pearl coloring. They created silicone molds by modeling a toy horse, to create the solid chocolate horse, ornaments for the wreaths, candy canes, cats and designed a mold for the windows. The inside walls were painted with powdered coloring and stencils. The Adams spent a little over 300 hours on their house. This is the 4th year they have entered.

Amazing Gingerbread Houses

"The Fall" By Carolina Montoya

This gingerbread house is inspired by the diverse colors of autumn leaves. It depicts a ballet theater with an atmosphere to honor fall color. The theater is constructed of white chocolate, gumpaste, gelatin sheets, royal icing, fondant, edible papers and ink, marshmallows, frosting sheets and edible gold dust. The white chocolate leaves were starting to melt when Montoya delivered her creation to The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa; however, she was able to use a hair dryer to re-melt and re-form the multi colored chocolate leaves.

"Cajun Night Before Christmas " by Peggy Reitz

Reitz is originally from the New Orleans area. Every year she reads a "Cajun Night Before Christmas" to her children, which is where she came up with the idea for a Cajun-themed gingerbread house. Reitz only worked on the creation for two weeks because she says she didn't decide to enter until the last minute. She used poured sugar for the bayou; gingerbread for the canoe; and, made the Santa and the gators from gumpaste. The tree is a big candy cane covered with gum paste, with rice krispy treats used for other parts of the construction.

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