Excerpt: 'The Diet Code' by Stephen Lanzalotta

Part II of the book presents the practical part of the program, giving you a closer look at the science behind and simple methods for living by "The Diet Code." It includes a look at the problems with cutting any food group out of your diet -- a mystifyingly popular approach guaranteed to result in a drastically imbalanced diet destined to cause weight gain and malnutrition simultaneously -- and why the only food you need to avoid for weight loss success is fake food. One chapter describes the short list of Fundamental Foods at the heart of "The Diet Code" program and introduces how to apply the Golden Ratio to be sure you get them in the proportions necessary for weight loss.

Another gives you the five basic steps you need to take to implement "The Diet Code": choosing foods by asking yourself, What would Leonardo eat?; combining your chosen foods properly; proportioning those combinations well; speeding up your metabolism and slowing down your life. The last chapter in the section lays out the actual Diet Code program, which leads you through a three-part plan modeled on the path of classical tradespeople -- from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master -- with varied intensity according to your abilities and desires. There's a gentle initiation for beginners, including the specific formula for creating Diet Code meals, more specifics and details in a more intense phase in the middle of the learning curve, and a final phase in which you can relax into a lifetime of eating according to the program, having internalized the principles and reached your ideal weight.

Finally, in part III, I share advice on creating and maintaining a Diet Code kitchen, a range of flexible meal plans, and delicious, proportionally balanced recipes that are as quick to make as they are delectable. Diet Code food is inspired by the tastes and smells of my grandmother's Italian kitchen, honed by the ancient numbers of the Golden Ratio and presented here to allow you to get dinner ready in half an hour or less while stabilizing your weight and health without experiencing even a day of deprivation.

This book is a blend of ancient lore, Renaissance history, higher mathematics, hard science, personal stories, smart nutritional information and mouthwatering recipes anyone can manage. It unites the structural, mathematical principles of the cosmos that govern the growth of natural life and the aesthetic of natural beauty with wholesome, Mediterranean foods in a breakthrough formula for health, vitality and weight control. It's a provocative yet practical system of nutrition based on an intriguing mathematical phenomenon that's been utilized for millennia but never before applied to nourishing the human body. That makes this book absolutely unique in offering a more sustainable approach to food and eating pegged not to eliminating any one food group but to eating for enjoyment and pleasure, promoting health and reaching an ideal weight. My passion for excellent food, together with my understanding of how to combine the right foods for health, satisfaction and weight loss, gives you a plan you can quickly and easily put to work in your own life in your own kitchen, rediscovering along the way your natural waistline as well as the pure joy of eating for pleasure.

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