Summer's Best Trends: Fruity Cocktails

Jane Buckingham is letting "GMA" viewers in on the summer's best trends, including her picks for the summer's coolest cocktails. If you're throwing a backyard barbecue, or an evening cocktail party, stir up one of these recipes for your guests.

Pomegranate Mojito

Courtesy of Icon Restaurant at the W Hotel -- The Court

1/4 cup pomegranate juice (we like to use Pom Wonderful)

2 ounces Bacardi Superior rum (can sub any light rum)

1½ tablespoons sugar (or simple syrup)

4 ounces club soda

cracked ice (or cubed)

6 sprigs fresh mint

In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients except the mint, and shake well. Mull the mint in the bottom of a cocktail glass. Strain the pomegranate mixture into the glass with the mulled mint, stir well and serve.

Dolce's Grapefruit Martini

Courtesy of Dolce Enoteca e Ristorante, Los Angeles, Calif.

2 parts Hendrix gin (a cucumber-infused gin)*

1 part grapefruit juice

1/2 part (splash) of Cointreau

Shake gin and grapefruit juice (in a martini shaker) and pour in a cold martini glass. Garnish with a cucumber slice.

(*Vodka can be used for those who don't like gin, in which case you would garnish it with a slice of grapefruit.)