Create a Fiesta Without Busting Your Budget

When planning a Cinco de Mayo fiesta or any party, there are simple ways to save money.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's" Eduardo Xol and "Savings Mom" Stephanie Nelson came up with lots of creative ways to throw a fiesta on a budget.

Decoration and Ambience

Use candles and votives to create a romantic ambience.

Hang balloons with festive colors.

Get paper products at a dollar store.

Instead of an expensive tablecloth, use a bright-colored sheet that you already have in your house.

Rather than buy themed music for the party, tune into a Spanish language radio station.

Pottery that matches your theme can really set a fun atmosphere, but it can be expensive. Instead, look for fun, plastic tableware that comes in a variety of party colors. The bonus is that you can throw it away when you're done.

A pinata is great, cheap entertainment. You can buy your own at the store or make one by following the directions here.


Make it a potluck party and ask each guest to bring one dish.

Make it an appetizers-and-dessert party.

Forget about catering; make your own meal. To get great recipes for delicious Mexican food from Eduardo Xol, Emeril Lagasse, Sara Moulton and Wolfgang Puck click here.