Sara Moulton's Fancy Food Favorites

Every year, "Good Morning America's" food editor Sara Moulton navigates her way through aisle after aisle at the Fancy Food Show.

At this year's 52nd Summer Fancy Food Show, 160,000 food products were featured.

The show, which is closed to the public and travels around the country, kicked off in New York on Sunday and ends its Big Apple stay today.

To see where it goes next, visit the show's Web site.

All the products featured there will be available to the public within weeks. Moulton found that this year, the predominant flavor trends were wasabi and pomegranates.

Check out some of the great new products she found below.

Sara's Favorites

Michael Gagne's Robinhood Free Meetinghouse's Frozen Cinnamon Buns (which are made by a five-star chef) and Frozen Biscuits (which are made with cream cheese instead of butter)

Peppadew Chips from South Africa, sweet and spicy pepper varieties

Terra Parsnip chips that taste like plantain chips

Budweiser Barbeque Sauce

Soy Vay Kosher Wasabi-Flavored Teriyaki Sauce

Rick's Picks Pickled green beans with wasabi and mean beans

Eurobubblies' Efferve Pomegranate Blueberry Sparkling Lemonade

Hint Fruit Flavor Infused Water, no sugar or sweetener

Stirrings Pomegranate Mixer that can be used for martinis or to flavor sparkling water.

Olde World Cheesecake Company's chocolate and Snickers Cheesecake: Call 570-429-1233

Flavor Magic Gourmet Seasoning Sheets.

Virginia Diner Wasabi Cashews.

Wasabi Cashews: Call 1-888-482-6887

Sara's Web Picks

Chocolove Vintage 2005 Chocolate

Power-Selles Imports Matiz Andaluz Torta de aceute --traditional Spanish crisp bread

Dufflet's Pistachio nuts, which are covered with various goodies

Virginia Traditions' Serrano Ham

Principe's Truffled Ham

Old Chatham Sheephearding Co.'s Sheep's Milk Ginger Yogurt