Sleep Solutions: Helping 'GMA' Correspondents Get Some Rest

After just a week of wearing the device, the Zeo gave Golodryga an average ZQ score of 36 -- meaning she was sleeping less than half as well as a woman her age should be sleeping.

That data, combined with sleep diary entries from Golodryga, enabled Zeo to create a customized action plan. It suggested she cut out caffeine after 7 p.m. and instructions to leave her work at work -- meaning no more waiting to finish scripts at home.

Golodryga says she was pleased with the tips -- but did she fall asleep faster? Not really she says, because at times, the headband was a headache.

"It's tight," she said. "It's not very comfortable to sleep with this thing on my forehead!"

Golodryga noted that she has difficulty falling asleep with anything on her head -- even earrings. So perhaps she was not the ideal candidate to try to the Zeo. But did she learn something from the experiment?

"Yes!," she answered.

Among her new resolutions: to finish up all pressing tasks at the office, so that her home remains free of work-related stress.

Online Sleep Software

For Andrea Canning, sleep had never been a problem until six months ago, when she became a mother to little Anna.

"She will wake up in the middle of the night," Canning said. And though the baby falls back to sleep relatively easily, Canning says she's often left to toss and turn, her mind racing with thoughts of work and the baby.

What to do? We teamed her up with a brand new set of computer software called Shut-I (pronounced "shut-eye"), developed by researchers at the University of Virginia. Shut-I is not yet on the market for general consumers.

Sleep Solution: No Naps?

After asking Canning to keep online sleep diaries for 10 days, Shut-I started to make personalized recommendations. Among them: stop reading in bed and get her cat to sleep elsewhere. Canning also learned that she should no longer take naps during the day if she hopes to sleep well at night.

When Canning found herself unable to fall back asleep after getting up to feed her baby, Shut-I suggested she do the unthinkable: actually get out of bed and go for a walk or do something and then get back into bed. Within minutes of taking one midnight stroll, she was asleep.

She said the software was sometimes too time-consuming for a working mom, but noted that she did learn some sleep-saving tips.

For Canning, while she might have to stop reading magazines at night and kick her cat out of bed, there was some consolation.

"So they tell me no more magazine and no more cat in bed -- guess that just leaves my husband!" she joked.

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