Stevie Wonder Sings on 'GMA'

Stevie Wonder has had an incredible career, selling 70 million records and winning 22 Grammy Awards and an Academy Award. And he's not done yet. On Tuesday, he will release his latest album, "A Time To Love."

The love Wonder is referring to in the title is "love for family and love for friends and for people you respect," he said.

Wonder visited "Good Morning America" today to perform songs from his new album -- his first in 12 years. Aisha Morris, Wonder's daughter, joined him to sing a medley of two songs off the new album: "From The Bottom of My Heart" and "Positively." They sing two duets on the album.

Another of Wonder's children appears on the album. At the end of "Sweetest Somebody I Know," you can hear his 4-year-old son, Kailand, burst into the recording studio and yell, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! OK, that's enough!"

Wonder also performed "Shelter in the Rain," a song whose digital proceeds -- from downloads off the Internet -- will all go toward Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

He explained that his brother's death inspired the song.

"I was going through something about four years ago when I lost my brother and I needed a place to go and God gave me a place to go," he said.

Wonder finished the performance with his popular hit "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life."