Fantasia Answers Your Questions

Hundreds of fans sent questions to Fantasia Barrino through The singer took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of them below.

Q: Hey Fantasia, I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you to death. I wanted to ask you, who was your favorite "Idol" contestant this year? — Kevin Aikins, Olney, Md.

A: Hi Kevin! All the Idols were great. This year I really liked Melinda Dolittle. I thought she did a great job. Xoxoxo

Q: Since gospel music is such a part of your roots, do you think you will ever record a gospel album? What would be one of the song you would record? — Angela Glover, Charlotte, N.C.

A: Hi Angela! The answer is Yes! I would love to do a gospel album. I would like to record it with my family. One of the songs I would do is "We Come This Far by Faith." I think it's a great song.

Q: Hey Fantasia I just want to know how do u keep your head on strong, now that you are rich and famous and you are around the environment you're in? I know it's very easy to take the wrong path. — Travis Brassell, Apopka, Fla.

A: Hi Travis :-) The key for me is family, close friends, and prayer!

Q: How long will you be performing in "The Color Purple." I would love to see the show. — Pat Quattrone, Philadelphia

A: I will be in "The Color Purple" until the end of the year! I hope you make it to the show. Hope to see you soon Pat!

Q: Congratulations on all of your Broadway success and "When I See You" success as #1 R&B song in the nation! What will be your next single from the CD? — Rubye Thornton, Fayetteville, N.C.

A: Thanks Rubye !! My next single will be "Only One U." Don't forget to call and request it! Thanks for all your support.

Q: With your great success, is it hard to keep yourself and your daughter grounded? Keep up the wonderful work and continue to thank God. — Denise Johnson, Charlotte, N.C.

A: Hi Denise! Honestly, It gets tough … but with my family, friend, and some good & honest people I get thru it. God is taking care of me and I will continue to thank him and work hard.