Tory's Plan for Dad Who Wants to Work at Home


For example, if your friends tell you you're not patient or punctual, you're probably not the right person for this kind of work.

You'll also want to create a resume focused on your best skills, emphasizing the ones we hear over and over that employers look for in home-based workers.

Week Three: Spread the Word, Do Your Research, and Don't Believe the Hype

Once you know your goal and what you can do, it's time to explore your options. This is when the holiday season can really pay off for you. Accept all of those invitations -- you can't be too tired or too busy to go to that cocktail party.

If you really want this, you're going to have to put yourself out there. Get comfortable asking people what they do and sharing your professional goals for the new year. You must do this with extraordinary confidence.

When Matt is at a holiday function, he should proudly say, "We've made a great decision that I'm going to be the at-home parent and I'm actively exploring different ways to work from home."

Make it sound exciting and dynamic. Your confidence will reassure others that you have something on the ball.

Do your research online. There are so many online communities and chat rooms where you can swap stories, advice and resources. Sometimes you can be inspired about opportunities because someone else is doing it.

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But beware -- don't get suckered into get-rich-quick schemes you read online. Ignore ads that require you to pay $20 to learn how to make up to $1,500 a week with minimal effort. If it sounds so incredibly easy, walk away. Everything worthwhile takes work.

Week Four: Apply!

By now you'll know what you want and you're actively going after it. You should have lined up a list of potential contacts that you've collected over the last few weeks.

It's time to follow up on those leads and get those resumes out. Your resume should be on employers' desks when they return from the New Year's holiday.

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