Tory Johnson: How to Have More Fun at Work


Take a Toy Break

We're not robots; we all need breaks. While Nike's corporate offices have tennis courts, a swimming pool and track fields, the rest of us can create our own forms of recreation in small spaces. Tiny toy breaks are a great way to bring fun to anyone's day. Start a meeting by handing out Silly Putty to the attendees. Or keep a stash of it in a common area. At companies can order 100 eggs for about $110, as well as five-pound chucks of it, which can be used as a great conversation starter, icebreaker and stress-reducer.

Other toys to have on hand include Slinkys, Play-Doh, Nerf balls, magnetic darts, and door-hanging basketball hoops.

Consider Contests

Competition among colleagues doesn't have to be cutthroat; it can be fun too.

Consulting giant Bain holds a world soccer cup, but you can crown a champion in your workplace in other sports. Paper airplane contests, rounds of wastepaper basketball, or baby photo-guessing games where everyone posts their baby photo on a bulletin board and tries to figure out who's who are free ways to bring fun to your office this week.

Crown the winner of the festivities with an office-made medal crafted from multicolor paper clips or bestow the champion with a certificate for lunch on everyone else.

Tory Johnson has fun at work every day as is the workplace contributor for "Good Morning America" and the CEO of Women For Hire

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