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If you've got a strong entrepreneurial spirit, you can also offer to plan and execute cooking demonstrations in supermarkets, gourmet shops or private homes. Or find clients who'll allow you to plan their meals, shop for groceries, and prepare dinner. Time-strapped individuals often dream of having an affordable personal chef instead of relying on frozen dinners and takeout.

Become a Blogger

Blogging and media sharing on the Internet are super-hot right now, with no signs of fading any time soon. Web sites with videos, personal content and gossip are raking in advertising dollars with each click of the mouse.

You can become a professional blogger, too. Web sites such as allow you to post videos and photographs, and then receive a percentage of the site's revenue, which is generated from advertising associated with page views and clicks to the content posted by you. The harder you work to promote your own videos and photos, the more money you'll earn.

Another way to make money is to create your very own blog at Set up your own page and create captivating content to lure readers to your stuff. Then add the site's AdSense feature, which allows advertisements to be included on the page.

Every time a viewer clicks through on the advertisement on your blog page, cha-ching! Keep in mind this only works if you're committed to creating a blog that others would find fascinating -- and you hustle to attract readers to build a following for yourself.

Verify Sales Calls for Accuracy

Ever change your long-distance service or your cell phone plan? It's likely that you were asked to hold for a verification operator to come on the line to confirm your choices. There's a good chance that the operator was working from home.

To make money in verification, apply online at, a leading provider of third-party verification services. The company hires home-based independent contractors to serve as live operators to verify calls for telephone companies and other service industries focused on combating sales fraud.

Those calls are recorded for quality assurance and compliance purposes. Another set of home-based workers listen to Web-based files to review the calls for accuracy.

Carefully read the frequently asked questions page on the career section of the site so you're familiar with the application, training and hiring process before applying.

Medical Coding and Transcription

Medical coding and transcription can't always be performed at home, especially with strict privacy policies and guidelines. However, there are many companies that hire home-based workers with the skills and experience to provide both services. Keep in mind, however, that it's very difficult for entry-level, inexperienced candidates to get hired to perform such work from home. This is by no means the "get-rich-quick" line of work that many mistakenly perceive it to be.

In most cases, in addition to the proper training, you must have your own computer, high-speed Internet access, and, where applicable, headphones and a foot pedal.

In an effort to weed out the poor-quality schools, the American Association for Medical Transcription, in conjunction with the American Health Information Management Association, has been approving medical transcription schools based on the AAMT Model Curriculum. There is a list of approved schools on the AAMT Web site.

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