Consumer Electronics Show Roundup

Sideshow is a PDA and MP3 player that you can remove from your laptop. Asus displayed a new laptop that will ship in late 2006. It uses new technology called Sideshow, which is built into Windows Vista Tablet Edition (Vista OS is not yet released). Sideshow allows an alternate screen to be built into the case or exterior of the laptop. This screen powers on instantly, outside the normal computer boot-up process. This exterior access and instant-on functionality allows users access to certain data on the go, specifically calendar, contacts, e-mail and music. In one version of the Sideshow laptops, the auxiliary display in the case is removable: You get an MP3 player/PDA that ships with your laptop and automatically synchs because it's a part of the system.

Asus, ship date holiday 2006, price not released.

Fun stuff Guitar Hero for PS2 Guitar Hero shipped in November, so it's not brand new. Maybe it was the need to focus on one thing for a few minutes, but when I started playing, I became Joan Jett, the Wilson sisters and the Twisted Sister guy in one fell swoop. The game kit provides a plastic guitar that wires into the PS2 gaming console. As rock songs play, you have to hit the correct buttons on the guitar's neck while strumming and staying on beat. You won't learn any chords, but watching guys play the game, I could see some real health benefits -- those rockers sweat up a storm. When the players took style seriously, they were dancing around the room, windmilling their arms à la Pete Townsend, and bouncing in that Eddie Van Halen crouch as they played the game.

Available now for PS2, $115

Bling for your cell phone

I loathe the use of the word "bling" in any type of media form. To hear the "Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous" guy say "bling" in his overly posh English accent makes me shudder, but I must make an exception here, because the name of the product is Bling. Bling is a jewelry kit for your cell phone. You take a series of colored and sparkly crystals and stick them to your phone. The kits come in all kinds of styles, and some come with preset designs; others allow you to customize to your heart's content. Think of Bling as the "Bedazzler" for your cell phone. It's not brand new, but still pretty fun. Available now, $15 and up.

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