Diane Sawyer Walks Across Burning Hot Coals

Things got pretty hot for "Good Morning America" anchor Diane Sawyer this morning as she completed her dare to walk across hot coals.

With seven other "GMA" staffers at her side, Diane was the first to hurry across the glowing embers.

The crowd chanted, "Puma, Puma, Puma" to encourage Diane and the others who volunteered to walk on fire.

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All of them easily completed the feat as they scurried across searing coals that were hotter than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

In fact, the team was so excited about the dare that it walked over the coals several times. Diane skipped across the fire four times.

"We're just amazed by your expression. It's like you weren't feeling anything at all," said "GMA" co-anchor Robin Roberts. "I'm looking at yours eyes, [which] are like all bright-eyed like, 'anything is possible now.'"

Though Diane said the first two times she didn't feel anything, by the third trot things began to heat up.

"By the third skip, I could feel those were actually hot coals," she said.

Today's feat was the culmination of days of preparation. The gang focused mentally to harness the mind's power and complete the task.

Afterward, Diane seemed exhilarated.

"We are going to be so impossible for the remaining of the day at the office," said Diane, who raced across the coals backward her final time.

For producer Michael Corn, the challenge was a way to help him learn how to balance a demanding job and family.

"It will give me more focus to do that," he said.