Lose Two Inches in Two Minutes?

With so many "miracle" slimming products and procedures advertised these days, it seems possible to shed a few pounds without skipping dessert or sweating it out at the gym.

There are the trusty control-top pantyhose to the high-tech tights that claim to treat cellulite.

And some slimming tools are even built right into jeans. Lane Bryant tested 14,000 women to create the new Right Fit line that promises an instant trim for any body type.

Tummy Tuck jeans claim you'll lose a whole size in a matter of seconds.

Now, a new product designed by a plastic surgeon says you can lose two inches in two minutes for less than $60.

Robert Rey, a featured player on the reality TV show "Dr. 90210," has created the latest in high-tech undergarments called Shapewear, but he says it's not your granny's girdle.

Rey says his new line will instantly give the look of plastic surgery without the surgery.

"Any woman struggles with the lower belly," Rey said. "The control panels, which we created, are exactly where I put my support sutures in surgery doing a tummy tuck."

Shapewear follows in the footsteps of the hugely successful Spanx undergarments, which have squeezed and tucked everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Actress Tori Spelling even burned hers on a barbecue grill when she reached her goal weight after her pregnancy.

ABC News' Andrea Canning put Shapewear to the test to see whether the product lived up to its claims.

A volunteer named Isabella saw her waist size go from 37 inches to 34½ inches — a 2½-inch difference.

Monifa lost four inches around her waist and lifted her bust.

But where did all those inches go? Rey says Shapewear sucks in and then smooths out and redistributes problem fat to other areas to create an hourglass look.

"We just want to give women another option, another solution, another choice," he said.

The Shapewear line ranges from $25 to $60, and it claims to be extra soft because the fabric is enriched with aloe vera. The line is available at Sear's and the Home Shopping Network. A men's line is coming out next year.