Online Pop-up Contests: Can You Cash In? publishes daily promotions and prizes. The site searches for grand prizes and only publishes premium giveaways such as international vacations and home makeovers. They also find college scholarships to apply for; the search tools are free.

Insider Sweepstakes Tips

Wendy Limauge, founder and blogger for, reveals her top four secrets to becoming a professional and successful sweeper. She's won electronics, vacations and even a car through sweepstakes.

Create a Separate E-mail Address   Sign up for a free e-mail address to use just for entering sweepstakes. A personal e-mail inbox can get filled up with extra e-mails. Companies will send newsletters sponsoring the sweepstakes and confirmation e-mails once you enter some instant win games and sweepstakes. Players will also get notified when they win a prize, but those e-mails could get lost among personal emails.

Use Autofill Shortcuts to Complete Forms   Download and install a form filler program. Autofill and Roboform are programs that help fill out entry forms without having to type the same information each time. They are often free to download and install.

Only Play the Best Odds   Start by entering the most winnable sweepstakes and instant win games. A winnable sweepstakes is one that gives better odds for winning a prize. It might be a sweepstakes that offers more prizes (1,000, 2,000, 10,000, etc.) so more people have a chance of winning. It might be a sweepstakes that is being held for one day, week or month. The less time the sweepstakes is available for entering, the fewer people who will find out about it. Or, maybe it is restricted in some way. It might only be open to an entrant of a certain age group, or teachers, military members, or maybe just open to residents of a particular state. By focusing on the winnables, players have better odds of winning a prize.

Safeguard Against Scams   Watch out for scams and sweepstakes that sell players' information. Some sweepstakes throw in special offers that must be opted out of by unclicking tiny boxes at the bottom of the online entry form. Skip anything that asks for a credit card number. A legitimate sweepstakes would never ask for it. And never pay money to enter a sweepstakes. The purpose of contests is to generate buzz for a product or brand, not for them to make money from players.

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