Lindsay Lohan's Live Singing Debut

Teen screen queen Lindsay Lohan proved she could do more than act as she belted out the songs "Rumors" and "Over" from her new album in front of hundreds of fans in Times Square on today's "Good Morning America." Her album, "Speak," hits stores Tuesday.

It was the 18-year-old's live singing debut, and she admitted to feeling some butterflies in an interview with Diane Sawyer before her performance.

"I'm very critical of myself. It's weird to see myself singing," said Lohan. But she called it her "second passion."

"When I'm singing, I'm more myself," she said.

The "Mean Girls" and "Freaky Friday" star has been hounded recently by tabloid rumors, which have detailed her split from "That '70s Show" actor Wilmer Valderrama, her clubbing and partying, and her father's frequent legal woes.

Michael Lohan was recently arrested in Long Island for allegedly violating an order of protection against ex-wife, Dina, and driving under the influence. The judge in the case set bail at $1 million.

Sawyer asked Lohan about her five-day hospitalization in October during the shooting of the Disney comedy, "Herbie: Fully Loaded." Lohan was said to be suffering from a fever, headaches and exhaustion.

"I wasn't getting my rest," said Lohan. "I was overscheduling myself and overworking myself ... not sleeping, not eating right."

The pressure for young stars in Hollywood can be overwhelming, with their every move scrutinized and constant pressure to stay on top.

"In Hollywood, especially for people my age, it's very hard to say no," she said. "You're afraid you're going to lose it anytime."

The song "Rumors"-- which includes the lines "Can't you just respect my privacy?/I would love it if you took the cameras off of me/'Cause I just wanna breathe" -- reflects Lohan's often difficult relationship with the paparazzi and tabloids.

In her interview with Sawyer, Lohan laughed off what she says are the more ridiculous rumors -- among them, that she's had breast implants and that she's really 23 years old.

"It's OK, because it proves that I'm a normal person," she said. "Half of it is lies anyway."

But while celebrity can have a steep price, Lohan also said she realizes how lucky she's been.

"I was a little concerned that it would come across as me complaining, and that's not what I'm doing at all, because this is what I worked for my whole life," she said. "And I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm very thankful."