The Best Jeans for You

Before throwing on your weekend jeans this morning, try this on for size: Joe Zee, Elle magazine creative director, sifted through the jeans department so no one else has to, and found pairs that make everyone look thinner, taller, even younger. Best of all? They're all under $100.

Don't dread the dressing room mirror, Zee said. When it comes to jeans, finding the right fit, for the right price, can make fashion victims out of everyone. The biggest mistake people make when shopping for jeans, Zee warned, is buying for a trend instead of what looks best on the body.

The Mom Jeans

Zee says moms go wrong by wearing jeans that are high-waisted, and too short and skinny. Instead, they should wear mid-rise straight leg jeans like these from Express for $59.50. A straight-leg jean looks great with ballet flats for running around during the day, advises Zee, but can also transition into night with a great pair of heels. The jeans pair nicely with a white button-down shirt and ballet flats for a casual yet pulled-together daytime look.

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Style Secret: Lycra Smoothes Silhouettes: The style secret for moms is, for a little more money, buy jeans with lycra in them because it slims and smoothes the silhouette and makes everyone look thinner.

The Dad Jeans

Dads are equally as guilty when it comes to jeans. The biggest mistake unfashionable fathers make is wearing jeans that are too tight and short. Instead, Zee says they should wear a relaxed fit, medium wash jean like these from Calvin Klein for $79.50. The medium wash is less formal than dark denim yet more polished than a light wash. Dress up a pair of relaxed fit jeans with a v-neck sweater or button-down for a look that's comfortable and casual but still pulled together.

Style Secret: Wear V-Neck Sweaters Anywhere: V-neck sweaters look good anywhere. They can be dressed up or down and look appropriate for any occasion.

The Office Jeans

Zee says jeans are acceptable attire for the office -- as long as they're the right type. Don't wear relaxed fit, light color jeans. Do wear a mid-rise trouser style jean in a dark wash like these from Guess for $89. The secret to this jean is the cut -- jeans should look tailored, not tight for the office. For a corporate setting, always pair your jean with a smart and conservative top. Go for a more formal top and shoes to compensate for a more casual jean.

Style Secret: Dark Washes Look Dressy: Wearing jeans with a darker tone automatically rachet up the class.

The 'It' Jeans

According to Zee, the one type of jean to throw out of the closet today is super low rise flare jeans. The "It" jeans for 2009 are boyfriend-style jeans like these from Rampage for $58. It's a relatively baggy look, so pair them with a fitted top to keep from looking too big sloppy. The rolled-up ankle length jean will make your legs look shorter, so pair with heels to add length to the leg.

Style Secret: Lady-Like Accessories Tidy Outfits: The style secret here is wearing lady-like accessories will tidy any outfit and make it look pulled together -- regardless of how last-minute the clothes may be.

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