Brazil Court Expected to Make Emergency Ruling Today in Goldman Custody Battle

Brazil Expected to Rule Today in Goldman Custody Case

With an emergency ruling expected in Brazil today, David Goldman is hoping he can take his 9-year-old son home for Christmas.

"It is the best thing for Sean, for he and I to be together," Goldman told "Good Morning America" today. "It is the right of a parent and a child to be together. It is our most basic principle, and we deserve that."

But after five years of trying to bring his son home after his ex-wife took Sean to Brazil and never returned, Goldman knows not to expect anything.

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"I was hopeful that I would come down here Wednesday and would be returning with my son," he said. "As usual, something happened and here I am in a hotel room in Brazil."

Goldman had been ready to take Sean home last week after Brazil's Supreme Court ruled in his favor. But shortly after he arrived in Rio de Janeiro, the same court agreed with a petition filed by Sean's Brazilian family and stayed the ruling, saying the transfer of custody would have to wait until the court decided whether Sean's own testimony could be used in the case.

Goldman said he's already prepared for the challenges Sean is sure to have adjusting to life in the United States after five years in Brazil.

"It is the right thing for him" to come home, he said. "He's been here for five years illegally, and he's been suffering severe psychological and emotional damage every day he's been here. He will need help."

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All sides seem to be ready for an end to the five-year custody battle that has made international headlines.

Congress, angry with Brazil's failure to abide by international kidnapping agreements, has stalled a multi-billion dollar trade deal. And Brazil Attorney General Luis Inacio Adams issued a statement supporting Goldman, worrying about "damage [to] the reputation of Brazil before the international community."

Even Sean Goldman's Brazilian family seems ready for a compromise.

"Everybody is suffering, especially the boy, so this is something that has to come to an end," Sergio Tostes, a lawyer for Sean's Brazilian family, said.

Goldman, however, said he has not had any direct communication with Sean's Brazilian family and doesn't know what type of negotiations they may be willing to consider.

Goldman has accused his Brazilian in-laws of treatment that is "beyond cruel."

David Goldman Hopeful for Reunion With 9-Year-Old Son

The in-laws invited Goldman at a press conference last week to spend Christmas Eve with 9-year-old Sean and his Brazilian family.

Tostes said the family is "putting down their guns," and didn't want to fight with Goldman over the boy's custody. The family said they want to have negotiations with Goldman, but on the condition that Sean not go to the United States right away. The boy, Tostes said, would be traumatized if he didn't spend Christmas with his Brazilian relatives.

Goldman has previously said he was uncomfortable meeting at the family's home. He's also said he doesn't want visitation rights, he wants his boy back.

Goldman told ABC News on Friday that he's not sure what it will take to bring Sean home, but that he'll do whatever he can to protect his son.

"It should be so simple shouldn't it? Just a parent and a child," he said. "Not two countries, not big governments, not judges. It's just the right of a parent and their child."

Goldman claimed his son has been "tortured," sleep deprived and psychologically abused by his Brazilian family's attempts to portray Goldman as the bad guy.

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