Transcript: Chris Cuomo Interviews Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Well, there was-- there was certainly a time-- in the recent years that Taliban had sympathy in many parts, public of Pakistan. Especially because of the donut (PH) acts, they gain sympathy. But then lately, after the Swat operation-- when they were the-- after they're being cleared in-- February '98, as I said, when we held elections, and a moderate party won the election.

And after that, with the resurgence of the Taliban, because of certain wrong decisions at the political level in the province, the Taliban came back with a vengeance in Swat. And they carried out very, very-- they carried out represents against all those people who supported the army. And they did it in a very, very crude fashion of slaughtering people, burning schools, (UNINTEL) schools, burning our ski resort, et cetera. That now the public of Pakistan are-- for with the army to win against the Taliban. So that is the good thing that has happened, I think.

CHRIS CUOMO: If the U.S. mission in Afghanistan fails, if they don't take control of the situation, what happens to Pakistan?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Pakistan certainly will have to fight against the Taliban-- because they would like to spread again. And they're starting in-- if they are to follow the same pattern-- into the (UNINTEL) agency and north and going towards-- because those mountains have more sympathy with the Taliban, the area of Swat, because there is this (UNINTEL) and his clan.

And they had to have a tend-- they tend to go across the mountains. There's one Shanglar (PH), a range, and go onto the Karacodomi (PH) way, which is our link with our northern areas and with China. So that is-- the danger, and obviously, the army will have to protect the-- and show the security of the Karacomdomi way. And then act against anyone who tries to expand that way.

CHRIS CUOMO: You say the United States should not consider any military operations inside Pakistan. But when reports come out, Nabibula Zazi (PH), who was just taken, he says, "I was trained in Pakistan."... When Mashud (PH) is bombed in Pakistan by the U.S., when these reports come out, why doesn't it lead to the conclusion that the U.S. has to have a military presence in Pakistan to fight the leadership of the insurgency?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: We are talking of an enemy, and we want who should deal with the enemy. I have said that Pakistan forces, Pakistan intelligence will deal with the enemy in Pakistan, just like would you like some other country dealing with your terrorists here in the United States? Why do you think the country's sovereignty is different from your own country's sovereignty?

We have our sovereignty. And that people believing in the sovereignty of Pakistan. So why should United States come into Pakistan when we have our own force, and which-- which can deliver? (UNINTEL)... Massoud was enemy number one for Pakistan. He was carrying out of su-- all suicide attacks in Pakistan.

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