Transcript: Chris Cuomo Interviews Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf

They will not taken away. They will not rehabilitated or re -- resettled. So this is how al Qaeda was created. As far as Taliban are concerned, they are a creation of circumstances in Afghanistan. I would, for that also, I would like to (UNINTEL) United States, because they abandoned the region.

Whereas there should be -- should have been some kind of a min i-- mini-marshal plan for Afghanistan, after what they suffered for 10 years of war, rehabilitation, resettlement, some reconstruction activity. They just backed up and went -- went away. And there was mayhem in Afghanistan, killing each other, all tribes.

CHRIS CUOMO: So isn't the lesson then that it's not about the troops. It's about the infrastructure that you put in place. It's about the development that you do within the borders of Afghan -- Afghanistan, not how many boots you have on the ground. Why is the discussion about how many troops we need?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Now we have to fight -- we have to speak from a position of (UNINTEL). If you remove the troops, there'll be more development. You better quit the whole area. And there is no development, nothing.

CHRIS CUOMO: So you believe we must have more troops in Afghanistan?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Yes, absolutely. I absolutely believe, because I have been saying everywhere that we are diluted (?) in space. A military man understands that. The space is too large. And your troop level is low.

CHRIS CUOMO: But nobody has won, in Afghanistan, just by having boots on the ground, not the British, not the Soviets, not you. Nobody has won that.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: This is only the first time, and we are -- we are better equipped. The (UNINTEL) of weapons is not all. We are not have -- we don't have cavalry on horseback and infantry working on foot. We have helicopters. We have gunships (?). We have predators and we have all kinds of techno -- technologically -- technically advanced weapons. And therefore, we can win. Actually -- we have to look at the external interference in Afghanistan. Where is the equipment coming from? Where is the weapons coming from? To the Taliban and to the al Qaeda.


CHRIS CUOMO: People --

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Where is the money coming from?

CHRIS CUOMO: Your coun -- your country. People say they're coming from Pakistan. That's where it's coming from.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: I treat that as -- as -- as really -- as a joke. Where is the weapon in Pakistan? Who has the weapons? Where's the weapons coming from?

CHRIS CUOMO: The reports are that the ISI, that the organization of Pakistan's government along the border allow help and assistance to flow over.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Not at all. That is not at all correct.

CHRIS CUOMO: General -- (UNINTEL), who you agree with about Afghanistan strategy, he points the finger at Pakistan and says, "They're getting help from over there."

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Getting weapons from Pakistan -- has he said that?

CHRIS CUOMO: He said assistance, help.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Yes, help is there. Help in what form? Or if there's a trickle -- I wouldn't be able to say that there's not one rifle that was taken from Pakistan to the other side. Yes, indeed, they may have taken some rifles around, but the weapons generally are flowing from somewhere else, and not from Pakistan.

CHRIS CUOMO: Where do you think they're coming from --

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