'Dear GMA' Entry: Are You Our Next Advice Guru?

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"Good Morning America" is launching a nationwide search for a 21st century Advice Guru.

This is a full time, on-air position at "GMA." You could sit next to George and Robin and be a part of the "GMA" Team!

Over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring some of your entries on the website.

Check out this one from Frank Criniti of Somerdale, New Jersey.

What's the best advice you have ever given? What was the result?

Best advice would have to be guiding my son through a bullying incident at school and my daugther through her issues with classmates and friends. Result: both still confide in me as they approach adulthood, so thats id enough results for me.

What would you tell his person: "Whenever there is an issue between my mother-in-law and me, my husband refuses to stand up for me. How do I get him to value our relationship more than the one with his mother?

You need to talk to your husband openly and honestly about how you feel and how his mother makes you feel. After a non-confrontational discussion you need to let him know that you are aware his mother is important to him, but the message he is sending you is that she is more important than you are. He needs to find a middle grouund to ensure you both get along and respect each other to ensure a good relationship between you all.

What would you tell this person: "While cleaning my son's room, I accidentally saw on his Facebook page threatening remarks from his friends. I fear he's being bullied. What should I do?"

First you need to have a discussion with your son in a private location where you both can connect on another level. Take a walk and talk and try to get him to open up to you. If he does not you will need to bring it up to him that you are aware of his possible problem, but do not let him know how you found out. Then the best advice you can give is for him to know that he can always communicate with you about anything no matter how embarrasing it may seem to him. Communication will ensure you can deal with these issues and help your child through anything.

'Dear GMA': Featured Submission

What would you tell this person: "My boss keeps taking credit for my ideas. What should I do?"

Find a new way to present your ideas in a more open company forum so he can not do that in the future. But confronting your boss is a mistake as it will only reslut in conflict. And since you are not sure why your boss is doing this, you can not be sure of the reaction. Try to present our ideas in a board meeting or office meetiing forum in front of others so it will not be possible for him or her to take credit in the future.


It seems throughout my life that I have been drawn to people who are in need of help in some way. I guess you could say I enjoy the challenge of helping someone with their problems and offering my advice. Friends have come to me for all kinds of advice from personal to buisness and I love the challenge of giving them my thoughts on the issues. I know not all of my advice is perfect but if it in some way helps them to find resolution or resolve the problem then I feel as though I have been a good friend and person. None of my friends will tell you I am at a loss for words, I enjoy talking especially about issues and deep philosphical discussion. This position would be a perfect fit for what I enjoy in life. I have searched ever since college for a position that would allow me to write (a passion of mine) as well as be a public figure of some sort. My own advice to myself has been to find a more fullfilling profession that would allow me to use my skills in a way that would complete my life and give me purpose and meaning.