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Wendy Bounds, from The Wall Street Journal, says that creating a written financial plan is key to managing your finances. Here's how you can get started:

1.Know Your Goals

Sit down with your significant other and write down your short and long term financial goals. Consider things like:

How much you want to save monthly

Any major purchases you want to make

How much money to set aside for leisure activities

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GMA Quick Tips: Plan to Achieve Financial Success

How to pay down any debt

Saving for retirement

2. Create a Budget

Bounds recommends the website, which lets you link all your various bank, loan and investment accounts. It will also help you determine your annual expenses, track your income and project your savings.

Stick to It

It sounds simple, but Bounds says this is the most important part of making your plan a success.

Your plan should be detailed, and should have cushion for unforeseen events. And you should revisit your plan at least once annually, or whenever you have a significant life event such as getting laid off or having a child.

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