Why the Ladies Love Larry King

"Power is an aphrodisiac," Lieberman told ABCNews.com. "If you're Larry's wife, you're one of the 'first ladies' of Hollywood, which is arguably more fun than being the first lady in Washington. You get invited to all the best parties, get to hobnob with all the newsmakers of the day, and get all sorts of other perks. You become rich and famous by association."

Rachel Sussman, a New York-based relationship expert, told ABCNews.com that even though King has a "certain je ne sais quoi," for relationships to work they have to be about common ground.

"The more a couple has in common, the greater the chance is it will work out," Sussman said. "When you marry someone from a different generation, there are just so many obstacles to making the marriage work."

Larry King with his sixth wife, Julie Alexander. The couple divorced in 1992.

Money could help.

"Money buys honey" -- or at least that is what Sussman's father used to tell her.

"All little girls want to marry a prince riding a white horse," Sussman said. "We, as a culture, have always been infatuated with Hollywood and celebrity. And Larry is even more than [a regular celebrity] because he is a celebrity that knows everybody and has access to everybody."

"It's nothing new that certain women are attracted to celebrity and money," Musto said. "Larry is definitely very well-established financially. But older people are not normally treated with this kind of heat, so there must be certain women that find talk show legends sexy."

However, it seems King doesn't just date these women, he marries them.

"With a guy who never got married and just dated this many women, no one would bat an eye," Sussman said. "The main reason why this is such a story is because he was stupid enough to get married eight times."

Lieberman said he is in control of the relationships and, in this case, the divorce.

"Women think they will be able to control him with their sexuality," Lieberman said, "But once they marry him, they realize that he has the power in the relationship, as well as on the air."

At Least He's a Good Listener

The stereotypical woman likes to talk and the stereotypical man doesn't listen. But to most viewers King, perhaps one of the best listeners in the talk-show business, seems to be the opposite of that stereotype.

"He is definitely attractive because he is an interviewer and is perceived as a good listener," Levinson said. "Unlike Bill O'Reilly, who interviews like he is firing a machine gun, Larry has a softer approach to interviewing. He talks a lot less than most other interviewers. We all want someone to listen to us. We are naturally attracted to people who will listen to us because it makes us feel comfortable to share."

Musto agreed.

"Larry is a good listener and observer," he said. "He lends a sympathetic ear. He doesn't hammer away at his guests. Instead, he draws their story out and that makes him very hot despite that fact that he is physically not Zac Efron.

"He also projects an image of unflappability," Musto said, referencing 2009's interview with California beauty queen Carrie Prejean in which she took off her mike and refused to answer his questions. "He has been there. He's not thrown off by anything, and that can be seen as attractive."

Generally, women have a need to be heard, Sussman said, and a man that listens is attractive.

But King's divorce record speaks for itself.

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